Joomla has always been known as one of the best CMS to handle multilingual contents, and its newest version 3.7 even make things more convenient than ever.

In versions prior to Joomla 3.7, there was no easy place to manage all of your translation items. Every translated item had to be found and edited individually. Imagine that you have large multilingual sites, manually assigning the articles for each language to the corresponding translated articles might not be something comfortable for you.

So what is it?

The Multilingual Associations Component is a new Swiss Army knife that allows you to translate your Joomla contents from a single interface. With the ability to edit associated items in a side-by-side view, you won't have to go back and forth, for example, create the item in several languages and then associate them as in previous versions of Joomla. The side-by-side view is the back-end screen where you can edit items after selecting a reference item. You can switch the target and apply the changes you desire without going back and forth.