Joomla! World Conference  (JWC) 2016 in Vancouver is Joomla community’s 5th world conference. In case you don’t know, JWC is for gathering up Joomlers from around the world to share, learn and contribute to one of the best open source CMS.

JoomlaShine team including Victor and I are very honored and proud that this is the second time JoomlaShine joined and sponsored for the biggest Joomla event.

In JWC 2016, there was no room for lazy Joomlers. The 38 sessions in 3 days presented by Joomla specialists from many countries kept everyone busy from actively joining in. Everyone tried to get the most out of JWC too by visiting all sponsor’s booth and networking with others throughout the event.

There were also some very interesting keynote topics about technologies from Luke Summerfield (Hubspot), Eric Kwan (Google), Tadhg Healy (Vancouver’s Digital Services Manager), etc.

At JoomlaShine's booth, we had the chance to meet up with many JoomlaShine's long time customers. Eagerly, we introduced our latest products: JSN Shine template and JSN PageBuilder v2 to almost every Joomler here.

Beside, I’m happy that we could share our vision about Joomla UX, meet many Joomla friends and discuss with them some off-Joomla topics: our country’s foods and traditions, traveling experience...

And of course, at this grand Joomla World Conference, together we discussed about the state of Joomla and its future. I guess this is the most exciting part of all.

As far as we’ve known, Joomla, again, won the Best Free CMS Award and it’s still the second popular CMS of the world. As Sarah Watz presented at the event, Joomla still has a bright future ahead and it will get more support by a powerful community.

We already have the clear roadmap for Joomla 3.7, 3.8 and even 4.0 now. More importantly, Joomla X - which is still under 1st phase of development, will be the revolutionary version which enhances Joomla a lot and make it an easy to use and extendable CMS.

I’m very excited for thinking about how much Joomla will improve over the next year!

JoomlaShine team and our mission for Joomla

We’re proud that JoomlaShine is one of the top Joomla template and extension providers. As a trusted brand in Joomla, we’ll continue supporting Joomla community by sponsoring more events, joining more meetups and creating more of the most easy to use products for Joomla.

Special thanks

All the credits go to JWC organizers – especially T.J Baker (Event Director) and Mike Demopoulos (Sponsorship Coordinator) – and all other volunteers who dedicated their time and effort for making this annual Joomla event successful for all Joomla lovers. With their help, all the preparation and activities have been well performed in JWC.

During this event, we had our JWC photos uploaded continuously to JWC Facebook channel. All photos are taken by Eric Lamy and posted by Jerry Christiansen’s – thank you guys so much.

Also I’d like to thank the A/V Coordinator – Brian Peat who has tried his best to bring live video streamingthroughout the event. Some videos have been successfully edit and put to official Joomla Youtube channel.

See you guys next year in Rome!