Komento - Elegant and organized comments

Komento is the best solutions by providing an outstanding comment system. Moreover, comments management will become much more easier by the helps of some functions such as access control… BBCode, emotions and attachments can be included in comments and schema tags in HTML markup helps your comments can be recognized by search engines.

Access Control — Specify each user groups what they can do when commenting on your site.

  • Like it or Pin it — You can now pin or give a thumbs-up outstanding comments on your article post.
  • Category Specific Comments — Site moderators have the freedom to choose which particular categories on their Joomla website to have Komento enabled and start receiving comments.
  • Migration Tools — Built-in migrators to move your old comments from other 3rd party comment extension into Komento within minutes.
  • Insanely beautiful e-mails — Hassle-free and customizable e-mails to suit your needs at anytime with our built-in editor.
  • BBCode & Emotions — Users can personalized their comments to make theirs stand out by using BBcode and emoticons.
  • Attachments — Include a file attachment to better illustrate your comments. There will also be thumbnails and lightbox previews when you attach images on any comments.
  • Schema tags for SEO — With schema tags in Komento's HTML markup are compliant with Google's standard to achieve better SEO performance. It also means, comments can be fully recognized by search engines and easily found in search results.


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